Starter Kit for Group Discussion: “Approved for Adoption”

Wow this story. Check out the full review at

Here’s me “pre-approved” for adoption (those yellow pants!):


Much of Approved for Adoption resonated with me. And it helped me think about what I’d want the next generation of adoptees, and their parents, to know.


I’m so thrilled to inspire relevant conversations and fresh insight within your family and community as you engage this film and dialogue about it with others.

Click below to download your free discussion kit:

a) Facilitator’s Guide (discussion questions included)

b) Discussion Questions for “Approved for Adoption”

c) How to Organize a Discussion in Your Community for “Approved for Adoption”

I can’t wait to hear how your groups go, please message me, leave comments on Instagram, facebook, anywhere. Would you let me know how it goes? And please let me know which film, book, or story you’d like me to address in the future.


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