How Do We Prepare for Adoption Awareness Month?

I almost fell out! I snapped this photo just before my spouse grabbed me😅🙏


We of course signed up for a sailboat tour expecting a relaxing treat, smooth ride and maybe a break from “real life.” Server to come around with wine and snacks, we’d enjoy the view and embrace this picturesque moment together.

However, it was so windy the waves were crashing on all sides, tossing us nearly sideways enough for one of our fellow passengers to get sick.

It felt miserable, cold, soggy, muscles tense and shivers because we hadn’t packed anything warm.

We didn’t fully prepare. So, we didn’t fully appreciate.

We were of course incredibly thankful for the opportunity itself, it really was an amazing time overall.

But, I can’t help but wonder how our expectations played a role in our experience.

Adoption Awareness Month begins November 1st.

What are your expectations for this upcoming month?

I think a major expectation for me is we’re going to learn. We’re expecting to press into discomfort *so that* we may become more aware of the complexities and highlights and lessons and hopes and frustrations and testimonies that our neighbors face daily and throughout their lives as a function of adoption.

Here are 10 ideas to help you prepare for Adoption Awareness Month:

  1. Keep a journal.
  2. Carve out protected time to read adoption-related material.
  3. Partner with a “buddy” and share fun/important insights daily or weekly with each other, etc.
  4. Spend a little extra on good coffee and treat yourself to a cup when you read a long difficult article about adoption.
  5. Consider fasting from something as an expression of dependence on and devotion to our awesome Creator, that you’d receive a heart of increased love and humility as you continue growing in this area of calling in your life.
  6. Pick just one adoption-related book and commit to finishing by the end of the month.
  7. Attend a special event.
  8. Go for walks, listen to music.
  9. Decide how getting rest is part of your job, figure out what that looks like for you and do your job well.
  10. Set limits. Also, expect growth.

These are just a few ideas to help you find what you need to participate in Adoption Awareness Month with a sense of support, intention, hope, and confidence. Let’s help take care of each other ❤

I’d love to hear from you, what’s been helpful for you in the past? Drop a comment below for others to try! 🙂


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