“He would have grown up Godless.”

“Oh thank goodness, he would have grown up Godless.”

A passerby commented, relieved at the fact the child had been adopted.

If you think your child will be “saved” because you adopted him, your god is small and depends you. That’s a dangerous place for both of you.


Please don’t make yourself a god among adoptees. It’s too much for you to fulfill and it crushes us.

Re-evaluate that power dynamic and consider what it truly means to be in fellowship with a wise and compassionate Redeemer who is mindful of His people, desires for everyone to be saved, Shepherd to the ends of the earth, and has mercy on whom he has mercy.

Children can know Love without you being part of their lives. They could also perish despite your loving presence.

If that’s a stuck point for you, you’re not alone. Me, too. I wish I knew the mechanics of that truth, but I’m still wrestling with it.

Regarding adoption, though, I take it all to mean we are NOT recipients of wages, but recipients of a gift through a cost born by an other, namely Jesus Christ on the cross and the Son of God resurrected, whose work accomplished the impossible demands required from each one of us.

That’s redemption. The death of one family to build another? That’s not redemption but only an occasion for a power and love from out of this world to work and to heal.


That won’t come from you or me. So please don’t tempt us to think it would. It can be received and expressed and we can certainly participate in the personal ministry of that restoration… however we are not the cause, we are simply messengers of revelation, we are not the revelation. We bring good news, we ourselves are not the good news.

That in itself can feel relieving to me because you and I don’t have what it takes. The One who does have what it takes is perfectly committed to working in and through us and yet does not depend on human hands for anything. God doesn’t need your wealth and privilege or your energy and efforts to accomplish His good work.

It is finished *and* we walk humbly with God as He continues to set captives free.

Pray. Pray there’d be a wisdom and favor granted to all of us in the adoption community so that we’d grow to see and serve one another with that truth and love.

We don’t “grow up with God” because of any works we have done. That’s not the Gospel and it’s not good news.


Good news is we stand together right now ONLY because of a steadfast love of a Keeper who never fails, who’s mercies are vibrantly and subtly renewed for us on a daily basis, a living and breathing pattern of life-giving fellowship. All within your soul and to ends of the earth are folded into a profound redemptive arc that points to the glory and wonder and hope and worship and eternal gift of Jesus Christ.

You get to decide how to make that clear in your families. Please pray for me as I seek to make it clear in mine.


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