An Interview with Grandpa

One way to connect with those we love is to ask questions. And during that process, we both learn.

I recently stumbled upon some photos of my grandpa and me. I wasn’t interested in asking these types of questions then, and unfortunately it’s too late to ask him now.


I imagine others may still have the opportunity to sit with their elders and explore the world through their eyes. This simple interview guide will help you get that conversation started. Adjust it to fit your own unique family situation, and anticipate getting to know one another in new ways.

An Interview Guide for Grandparents

The interview can also be adapted to journal through loss/grief related to birth family.

This is a free resource (among many!), gladly made for the adoption community. It truly is a joy and privilege to serve y’all in this way. If you’d like to support the work I do overall, donations may be sent to the following:

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