Teen Adoptee Group for Ages 14-17

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Weekly Zoom sessions for teen adoptees!

WHY: Your teens are already thinking about these dimensions of their lived experience. Right now they need a warm, inviting and adoptee-centered space to a) know they’re not alone and b) receive gentle guidance and encouragement throughout this season of their development (Riley and Meeks, 2006).

WHAT: Weekly themes – adoption story, birth family and birth culture, identity, belonging, race and ethnicity, how to handle racism and microaggressions, family and social relationships, self reflection, emotion regulation, exploring personal strengths and interests, independent living skills, perspective taking ability, communication patterns, and general awareness around mental, emotional and behavioral health.

HOW: There will be overlap in our topics from week to week, but each week will have one general theme that we explore together based on the themes list, and teen adoptees will be given space to reflect and connect based on a fun and semi-structured prompt/dialogue facilitated by Cam.

OUTCOMES: We want adoptees to feel included, to know there are others who share their experience, and we also want to cheer for them as they discover their own voices and participate uniquely and meaningfully in the world around them. This space is for them, and it’s amazing when I see their faces light up when they experience that for themselves, and leave the meeting feeling uplifted and equipped. 

How cool it would have been to have something like that when I was a teen! By God’s grace I’m here to offer it now, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to help facilitate that process in your family’s story this next season.

Register Here for Summer Adoptee Group

10 Sessions on Zoom

Thursdays June-August 2022

3:30pm-4:15pm CDT (1:30pm Pacific; 4:30pm Eastern), 6/2, 6/9, 6/16, 6/23, 6/30, 7/7, 7/14, 7/21, 8/4, 8/11

Includes tailor-made resources & materials based on the personalized needs of group members as we journey together throughout the summer season.

Hosted by trans-racial international adoptee and therapist Cam Lee Small, LPCC

To preserve our small-group atmosphere space is limited to 15 teens.

In partnership with All God’s Children International tuition is offered at a discounted rate of $250

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“If you could go back in time and advise your parents, what message would you want them to hear?” Another question I addressed at a recent adult adoptee Q&A panel.

A few ideas came to mind. A main one was an encouragement for them to connect me with other adoptees.

Even if everything seemed to be “just fine,” the experience of a relationship with others who might have shared my experience as a trans-racial adoptee would have benefited me significantly.

Growing up with white parents, in a predominately white town, without the daily ongoing micro-affirmations that most folks take for granted… I had no language to articulate what was going on internally or all around me.

I actually never knew what I was missing until a friend invited me to work at a Korean adoptee camp one summer. There was a kind of comfort and belonging there I’d never experienced before. 

I went back the next summer. And the next. Too many adoptees were finding joy and connection and I couldn’t help but go back and cheer for them again and again.

Six summers later I was offered a position as camp director for Holt International.

In all these settings, I’ve seen and felt first hand how incredibly refreshing and nourishing these communities are for adoptees. It’s hard to believe I made it out of my childhood without them.

By God’s grace I did, and somehow here I am offering another season of the adoptee group for teens through Therapy Redeemed.

Virtually of course! 🙂 I know these days many of us might feel a bit limited in what we might be able to access due to COVID restrictions. My thought is that being able to offer this online (at least for now), more adoptees could access the experience where time and distance may have otherwise prevented them from attending.

Teen adoptees will also be guided together through Cam’s This is Why I Was Adopted Workbook (digital copy included with tuition!)

Register Here for Summer Adoptee Group

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