10 Practices to Support Anti-racism in Your Local Church

Anti-racism – brings us (and our neighbors) closer to home, not further.

Why is anti-racism and racial reconciliation so “divisive”? Especially to the local church, dialogue on anti-racism and practical steps to make it a reality in your body and neighborhoods should bring us closer to Jesus and the love-soaked truth with which he joyfully pursues each one of us.

I imagine anti-racism wouldn’t be a threat to those in your church seeking to love their neighbors likewise. Would you disagree?

Who is it that’s being divided in that?

For church leaders, please do consider how to make more of these conversations available to and for your congregation; that you’d be among the firsts to model what this interpersonal exchange could look like for those who would otherwise be trying to figure it out on their own.

Sheep without a shepherd aren’t helpful conversation partners. And they certainly aren’t equipped to love the way Jesus loves in the midst of the times we’re in.

I’ve talked with hundreds of individuals and families through my clinical work and facilitating workshops/trainings. I’ve noticed a few patterns emerge and I wonder if they might resonate with your experience?

For anyone who appreciate lists, here are 10 Practices To Help Cultivate Anti- racism in Your Local Church:


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