Adult Adoptee Group

Our overall aim with this group would be to feel and heal in the context of hope-filled relationships, community, information, and inspiration.

When I asked what you’d like from this group, someone said, “A safe place to share and connect with others. Resources for mental health support and adoption.”

That’s the general outcome we’re pursuing.

And giving space for a living breathing group dynamic as each person brings something unique to our time together. It literally won’t be the same without you there because you have something special to offer as well as gain; I’m truly looking forward to facilitating that experience for and with you all.

Pay and Register Here for the 2022 Cohort (currently in session; registration closed)

Our sessions will include:

1) Topic-driven discussion (e.g., adoption, identity, race, relationships, personal development, birth & adoptive family, career, general mental health, etc.).

2) Along with open ended time & space for various needs and questions that members bring to the group when we meet.

Registration includes:

Tailor-made resources & materials based on the personalized needs of group members as we journey together throughout the year:

Curriculum: Covers intermediate anti-racism & adoption-related concepts along with monthly mental health journal prompts.

Text: You’ll have an option to read/discuss through a book list together.

Resources: Access to an online learning environment which will host supplementary mental health materials aligned with your group’s goals.

Pay and Register Here for the 2022 Cohort

Questions? Email Cam directly at – thank you so much!

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