Campfire Workshop Application

(**SAVE THE DATE** Campfire Workshop Spring 2020)

There won’t be any exams, just people like you who value emotional and practical resources. A crucial dimension to the Campfire Workshop is we’ll devote much time to honor and support your needs and goals as a caregiver. We’re in it for the long-game. We’re not satisfied with pat answers and shallow discussion. This is for your children. Our children.

Our screening process will help us serve the goals of your group with clarity, respect for your time, and sensitivity for everyone involved.

Your information is protected and used only to implement the seasonal cohort experience; hand-crafted to fit the local needs of your family dynamics as they happen here and now.

Submit your application here (average time to complete is 6 minutes):


 Dear caregiver and every person who supports them, thank you for serving. Thank you for your time and energy; and your commitment to everything that’s possible through workshops like this. The best is on its way and I’m so glad to be building it together with you. Peace and grace to you ❤



Do you have any questions? I’d be happy to answer them! Connect below and I’ll respond within 24 hours.



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