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2021 Book Tour

Summer/Fall 2021

Purchase the ebook “This is Why I Was Adopted: Navigating Loss on a Journey Toward Hope”

Adoption agencies have been historically comfortable leaning on white adoptive parents for expertise on adoptee experiences.

If you’re looking to give space for the breadth and depth of the adoption journey, the key is to invite more birth-parent and adoptee-centric narratives into your list of resources.


“What could a de-railed reunion in Korea teach me about grief and healing?”

What: Cam’s book tour is a live, interactive, adoption-informed and adoptee-centered workshop for clinicians, consultants, therapists, counselors, child-welfare workers and family members in the adoption community.

Who: Join service providers around the nation as Cam walks staff and parents though his personal search for his mother in Korea; a curriculum based on his recently published book This is Why I Was Adopted.

Professionals will gain clinical competencies that can be applied immediately to their work in the local community.

Parents will gain access into Cam’s raw experience of grieving and restoration, with co-created applications specific to the group’s unique and real-time needs.

Where: Workshops are delivered in-person by Cam, at your local venue of choice. Virtual options are also available through Zoom.

What I’ve learned in my adoption journey came at a price.

I’m so thankful and inspired by the generations of adoptees before me who’ve been willing to teach from that loss.

Additional thanks to the groups and communities who’ve been eager to hear our voices. You’re the ones helping us make it better for the others.

We can rarely speak unless you invite us in.

We’re ready when you are.

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Virtual options for this workshop are available to accommodate current needs related to COVID-19.

What a privilege it is to take this next step with you. Thank you for inviting me into your life-long journey of education and growth. We’re doing such important work together! 


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Cam, author of This is Why I Was Adopted, has been working to raise consciousness about faith, child welfare, and mental health since 2012, after meeting his biological mother in Korea. Trans-racially adopted and founder of Therapy Redeemed, he holds a Master’s in Counseling Psychology from University of Wisconsin-Madison and is a licensed professional clinical counselor. Cam is PACC certified, and registered as an accredited service provider through TAC via Center for Adoption Support and Education. He is also a vetted clinician with MN ADOPT.

In addition, he is trained in biblical counseling, certified in non-violent crisis intervention and is a member of the American Psychological Association’s Minority Fellowship Program. Cam’s mental health and education services are accessible 100% online and uniquely tailored for individuals and families on the adoption and permanency spectrum. He has presented trainings and workshops in a variety of professional and clinical settings.

Where you’ve seen him:

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