This online caregiver workshop is a place for dialogue, storytelling, and therapeutic kinship hosted by Cam Lee Small, MS, LPCC, trans-racially adopted from Korea and founder of Therapy Redeemed. Welcome to the Campfire Workshop.

Our Fall 2019 cohort works together for 12 weeks; tuition is $299. You’ll begin in September and finish in December, launching you and your family into 2020 with community, training, and resources you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life.


The Campfire Workshop is a group of real people like you, committed to real and lasting growth, not just for themselves but for each other, their growing families, and the local needs in their communities to which they’ve been called to see and serve.

In our virtual cohort experience, you’ll find yourself among peers as we intelligently and compassionately address practical needs related to caring for a child on the adoption and permanency spectrum.

Expect laughter, connection, tears, and accountability.

That means the Campfire Workshop seeks to allow, expect, and depend on you to arrive just as you are. And maybe (we’re counting on it), because of your unique presence, personality, background, family constellation and commitment to growth, others will gain new perspective, restorative comfort, and fresh inspiration.

We’re going after love and truth that doesn’t just move a culture but serves it.

This group seeks to assess, equip, strengthen, and send. The goal is to sit with each other and then be sent to the others. Led by Cam, your trauma-informed licensed professional clinical counselor, this Campfire Workshop is designed to provide caregivers with essential, contemporary and innovative resources for understanding and supporting their children. We support the adage, “What’s said here stays here, what’s learned here leaves here.”

We invite you to join, co-create and receive abundantly from this adoption-sensitive, child-centered community of fellowship, intimacy, candor, and discovery.


Campfires have a way of turning darkness to light. It’s a gathering place. Brief enough to hold our attention, warm and lasting enough to make a difference on a cool evening with friends.

We’re calling you in to send you out.

Will you show up?


Cohort dates:

September 26 – December 3

The Fall 2019 cohort meets together online bi-weekly; Tuesdays 7:00-8:15pm CST

Apply for the Fall 2019 Campfire Workshop


Parent supported.


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Nuts and Bolts

Where is it? We’re reducing our carbon footprint (along with travel time) and widening the scope of access to mental health education/services. Group members connect through Zoom video conferencing software.

When is it? Fall cohort meets together online bi-weekly; Tuesdays 7:00-8:15pm CST. Current dates: 9/24, 10/8, 10/22, 11/5, 11/19, 12/3. This workshop is designed with caregiver schedules/lifestyles in mind. In addition to meeting together, group members engage in weekly online modules/projects: reasonable enough to accomplish yet robust enough to make a lasting difference.

Who is it for? Caregivers of children on the adoption and permanency spectrum (including foster care, kinship placement, etc.)

How do I register? Registration opens September 1st – September 15th.

Can I invite others to join? Download your flyer here to help the others get connected.


Apply for the Fall 2019 Campfire Workshop


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