We’re on a journey to connect every adoptee on the planet with the support they need.

That includes equipping parents with relevant, adoption-informed resources, at any age and stage in their journey.


You’re navigating the adoption process, you feel exhausted, or maybe just curious. Either way, you believe the best is on its way and it’s worth it to walk there with someone who understands.

As an adoptee, you want to explore and settle into your identity. You’re looking for gentle yet honest guidance through your turbulence. You want peace. You want clarity. As a parent, you’re desperate to connect with and support those needs. You’re hungry for practical ways to care for the ones you love. You need encouragement, guidance, affirmation, maybe even a moment just for yourself.

I’m trans-racially adopted from Korea, a trauma-informed licensed clinical counselor, and founder of Therapy Redeemed, LLC. I provide online mental health services so that for the first or hundredth time (both are therapeutic), you’d sit back or rise up in the relief of knowing you’re not alone. Together we’ll learn, grow, heal, and move toward hope as members of the adoption community.

Life is busy in the 21st century, we’re also more accessible now than ever before.

I want to make this as simple as possible for you!

I offer online individual, family, and group tele-health options. And I’m persuaded we do our best work when we co-create the counseling experience according to your unique and local needs, goals, strengths, and availabilities.

Take your first step and schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation:




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Fees: Our individual online video-based services are $85 per week (60-minute session over a secure, online, HIPPA compliant software). These sessions are private/self pay (we hesitate to work with insurance as they typically require us to diagnose, a process that we see as potentially helpful but in the long-run we prefer to pass as diagnostic labels of “disorder” can often feel pathologizing for individuals and to those around them).

Referrals: We understand this particular arrangement can be a challenge for some; if needed we are more than happy to work together with families to find suitable/comparable services in their area.

Community Support: It’s also common for families that we work with to enlist the financial support of other family members, church partnerships, or other means of raising funds to support their mental health and healing process.

MN License #cc02017 | WI License #7543-125 | NPI #127006215

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