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“As a member of the American Psychological Association’s Minority Fellowship Program, it’s a privilege and duty for me to share these resources curated
by our incredible program staff.” -Cam Lee Small, MS, LPCC

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For Families

Many children, teens, and adults have reported hurtful interactions due to racism around COVID-19.

How can we respond to and support them?

This assessment/guide is free and designed more for families to evaluate and address needs related to COVID-19 micro-aggressions. No permission required to reproduce, translate, display or distribute.

COVID-19 Family Assessment


It was a privilege to serve as a panelist for Be the Bridge’s most recent training resource, “Learn Tips on How to Talk to Children about Anti-Asian Racism & COVID-19.”

In this interview, BTB Educator Gina Fimbel, author/adoptee Tiffany Henness, and I host dialogue on current events. We share principles and practices for families seeking to support their children during racial tensions that pressure our communities during COVID-19. Download the webinar here from the Be the Bridge.

How to Talk to Your Children about Anti-Asian Racism and COVID-19

For Churches

“Thus, we urge you to speak without ambiguity against racism of every kind. Faithful Christian witness requires anti-racist work, and silence only perpetuates the sins not addressed. This includes going beyond shallow acknowledgement of the most obvious incidents of racism to taking responsibility in confronting the longstanding tendencies of people to discount and dismiss the realities of racism.” -AACC

Read the full statement at the link below:

Statement from Asian American Christian Collaborative regarding Anti-Asian Racism during COVID-19



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