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Adoption has been shaping our lives for decades. Just now, though, communities are beginning to listen and learn from adoptees themselves regarding critical themes and questions that are often dismissed or misunderstood.

Whether it’s in your neighborhood, campus group, organization, or church, I love helping you engage in that dialogue.

My live events empower you and your community to think, talk about, and take action on current issues related to adoption, diversity, healing and cultural conciliation.

Further equipping you and your team as you seek to make our world a better place.

WHERE YOU’VE SEEN ME (full schedule here)


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Upcoming Events:

4/14/23 – University of MN School of Social Work (Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare) – Permanency & Adoption Competency Certificate Training – Adult Adoptee Module Trainer

11/16/22 – Children’s Bureau/All 4 Kids – “A New Script for Race and Culture”

11/15/22 – The Hope Effect – “Helping Foster and Adoptive Caregivers Navigate Loss and Trauma”

Presented in 2022

11/2/22 – MN Adopt Fall Forum – “A New Script for Race and Culture” (feedback included in Appendix)

10/13/22 – Wisconsin Child Welfare Professional Development System (Wisconsin Adoption Conference) – “10 Parenting Strategies for Transracial Adoptees”

9/22/22 – Therapy Redeemed – “How to Educate Extended Family Members on Adoption, Race & Identity”

7/13/22 – Catalyst Foundation x 2 (The Teen Years and Identity; Allyship for Adoptive Parents)

7/7/22 – Therapy Redeemed – “Growing as an Ally with Your Transracial Adoptee”

5/13/22 – Wisconsin Adoption and Permanency Support – “The Impact of Race and Culture on Teen Identity Development”

4/1/21 & 4/8/21 – University of MN School of Social Work (Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare) – Adult Adoptees – Permanency & Adoption Competency Certificate Training – Guest Trainer

3/24/22 – “Helping Adult Adoptees During Reunion” – Grow Beyond Words LLC

2/15/22 – Children’s Bureau/All 4 Kids – “Adoption Competency for Professionals”

Presented in 2021

10/12/21The Adopted Life with Angela Tucker – Adult Adoptee Panel

10/6/21MN Adopt – Workshop/Presentation

10/2/21Foster Love Project – Workshop/Presentation

9/21/21The Adopted Life with Angela Tucker – Adult Adoptee Panel

Sep-Nov 2021Teen Adoptee Group hosted by Therapy Redeemed

Sep-Nov 2021 Campfire Workshop hosted by Therapy Redeemed

9/20/21 – IGLIVE with Cha Sears-Barefield – Mental Health & Transracial Adoption

9/15/21Wisconsin Child Welfare Professional Development System“Impact of Adoption on Identity Formation” 

9/7/21Empowered To Connect Podcast Interview (release date November 2021)

8/23/21 – IGLIVE with Dr. Jenny Wang and Rachel Forbes, LCSW – Asian Identity & Transracial Adoption

8/3/21 – National Council For Adoption – Navigating Anti-Asian Racism: Tools for the Adoption Community

7/17/21 – Radio interview WYXR 91.7 with University of Memphis professor SunAh Marie: Therapy 101

6/2021Korean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network: – Adoptees and Fatherhood

4/27/21 – Adult Adoptee Panel via Holt International

4/21/21Catalyst Foundation Community Conversation

2/22/21 – Southeast Christian Church as part of their Family is Forever series.

January-July 2021 – Season One of Office Hour With Your Therapist

Presented in 2020

12/16/20 – Video interview with Enfants d’Orient et d’Occident. Advice for trans-racially adoptive families.

12/02/20Shared Beginnings Adoption Agency – with their vision to “restore dignity and respect to expectant women and birth mothers who are considering adoption. We link arms with these brave women, connect them to community resources, and help them make informed decisions along the way.” – workshop experience centered on themes from This is Why I Was Adopted.

10/29/20 – Adult adoptee panel with Angela Tucker at The Adopted Life.

10/22/20Southeast Christian Church as part of their 6-week discussion series on transracial adoption.

9/16/20Wisconsin Child Welfare Professional Development System“Impact of Culture & Race on Family Systems” [qualifies for CEUs]

9/08/20Replanted Ministry Conference – Adult Adoptee Breakout Discussion

Presented in 2019

11/14/19 – The Minnesota Society for Clinical Social Work – “Diversity & Inclusion from the Eyes of a Trans-racial Adoptee” [qualifies for CEUs]

09/20/19 – Harvest Church of Madison – “Depression: Clinical Thoughts from a Biblical Perspective”

08/21/19 – Kindred + Co. – “Navigating Loss on a Journey Toward Hope” [regarding personal birth search and reunion in Korea]

07/03/19 – Camp Choson Parent Workshop – “Origin Stories: The Role of Race & Ethnicity in Identity Development”

06/30/19 – Korean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network – “Who am I Really From?” [adapted for teen/adult adoptees]

06/14/19 – Fraser Conference 2019 – “Who am I Really From?” [adapted for clinical professionals]

04/17/19 –  Transracial Adoption Q&A w/ Angela Tucker – Adult Adoptee Panelist

If you’d like to learn more or plan an event, schedule a free 20-minute consultation and we’ll respond within 24 hours.

We do this work face to face or virtually, connected to and for our neighbors.

These partnerships can happen organically or structurally.

We love facilitating both and everything in between.

Fraser Conference 2019
Korean American Adoptee Network Conference 2019
Camp Choson 2019 – PC: Yifan Small

A message from Cam: As a professional trauma-informed licensed clinical counselor, it’s my heart to help groups and communities connect, learn, and leave with fresh perspectives, tools, resources, and calls to action that foster meaningful and long-lasting change in families and cultures.

My background includes adoption, attachment, clinical experiences, diversity and cultural responsiveness, grief/loss, support during adjustment/transitions, therapeutic interventions (individual, group, and family), race and ethnicity, trauma-informed care, and counseling in the local church.

Where you’ve seen me:

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Whatever the size and reach of your vision, I’d love to help make your event valuable for everyone involved.

KAAN 2019 – PC Rosita Gonzalez

Let’s work together.

Here are Event Themes that will enrich your group’s capacity to participate in issues that matter right now, locally and globally:

1. “Who am I Really From? (90-180 minutes): What do Captain Marvel, Han Solo, Eleven from Stranger Things, Awkwafina, and Daredevil have in common? Origin stories. A question transracial adoptees often ask is, “Who am I really from?” And in today’s tech saturated communities, psychosocial challenges are perhaps the most complex they’ve ever been. I want to ask, what’s our child’s origin story? What empowers children who are adopted (and their families) to overcome the challenges of the 21st century? This dynamic, co-created, multi-media workshop will inspire and equip parents to pull philosophical questions into their daily practice with children who are adopted; we’ll discuss how to move our own parenting world-views forward, to help our children evolve in theirs.

2. “Mentorship & Role Models” (90-180 minutes): Who were your mentors growing up and where did you meet them? Who had the most influence? Access to role models in spaces like summer camp or regular support groups offers a unique brand of therapeutic alliance that could make all the difference. But time, space, and context are shifting. The character arc continues to resonate, but problems and solutions have evolved and have begun to come from different places. This workshop will explore how change and shared experiences have happened in community, and what mentorship in our own locations could look like in the spirit of our current times.

3. “The Role of Race & Ethnicity in Identity Development (90-180 minutes): Why do these ideas matter? And how do they impact our children? Whether it touches your family or not is no longer negotiable. We know it does. The question centers on what you’re willing to do next. You’ll get a chance to discuss your family’s current location in this issue as well as practical next steps to equip your children in the midst of it.

4. “Biblical Counseling” (90-180 minutes): What is the mission field of the 21st century? Some would say it’s the church. Others might say it’s the damage done by the church. How do we restore counseling to communities who were designed to serve, lift up, and heal those around them? By inviting new (perhaps original) understandings of “love and truth” into our relationships, families, small groups, community and leadership cultures so that we can better serve those impacted by trauma, addiction, anxiety, depression, general and specific mental health needs and suffering overall.

5. “This is Why I Was Adopted” (90-180 minutes): Join service providers around the nation as Cam walks staff and parents though his personal search for his mother in Korea; a curriculum based on his recently published book This is Why I Was Adopted. Professionals will gain clinical competencies that can be applied immediately to their work in the local community. Parents will gain access into Cam’s raw experience of grieving and restoration, with co-created applications specific to the group’s unique and real-time needs; especially applicable as many marginalized communities navigate the aftermath of COVID-19.

6. “Impact of Culture & Race on Family Systems” (90-180 minutes): How does culture impact family? How do families shape that culture? Together we’ll explore how historical events and policies directly affect our daily lived experiences this very hour. We’ll discuss how it all plays a role in the adoption narrative. We’ll also address actions we can put into practice, individually and collectively, personally and professionally, to help those around us move from isolation to hope.

My Event Themes are designed to support your growth in the following areas (and are flexible to serve adults and teens):

  1. Adoption Competency
  2. Identity Development
  3. Professional Attitudes & Values
  4. Individual & Cultural Diversity
  5. Ethical/Legal Standards
  6. Reflective Practice & Self-Assessment
  7. Relationships, Family, & Parenting
  8. Scientific Knowledge & Methods
  9. Research/Evaluation
  10. Evidenced-Based Practice
  11. Assessment & Intervention
  12. Interdisciplinary Systems
  13. Advocacy & Community Service

What resonates most with your current needs?


Consider any of my Event Themes as a launchpad for a parent workshop, clinical trainingdiversity dialogue for staff or an organization, group support or a keynote presentation. I’m also eager to include and work with any other ideas you have in mind.

Thank you!!

Here’s what audience members are saying about our time together:


“Great intersectionality. Empowering for client of color, adoption, parents and kids. GREAT!”

“Appreciated the sharing of aspects of personal story. I believe that entire sessions focused on different individuals.”

“This workshop was excellent!  Please have Cam come again!”

“Excellent presentation! Very impressed with the level of work the presenter demonstrated”

“Strengths perspective-so empowering.”

[participant learned] “More diverse perspectives of transracial adoption.”

[participant learned] “Understanding one’s story and being comfortable with uncomfortable.”

Keywords and phrases participants used to describe our workshops/presentations:

“Informative, Inspirational, Enlightening, Encouraging, Challenging, Enjoyable, Organized.”

“Improved my perspective-taking” abilities.” 

“Helped me better understand my child.”

“Provided me with new information.” 

“Increased my knowledge about adoption.”


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