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eLearning Series by Therapy Redeemed

eBook: This is Why I Was Adopted

This interactive memoir walks you through my adoption journey and gives space for you to reflect on your own. You’ll receive prompts for self reflection, touchstones regarding adoption and clinical mental health education, along with vivid recollections of my personal journey through Korea and throughout my life.

Birth Family & Culture eLearning

You’ve adopted trans-racially and/or internationally and you’re realizing there’s a lot more to supporting your child’s identity than taking them to an “ethnic” restaurant on their birthday.

This eLearning will help you and your family get that conversation started as well as add perspective to the way you walk with your child now and throughout their adoption journey.

“Will we ever understand adoption?” no longer needs to overwhelm families. With resources like these I believe you can.

Campfire Workshop Enrollment

This 12-week online workshop helps you honor and equip your child in their adoption journey. It also helps trans-racial and adoptive families get connected in real-time through a supportive online learning environment. You’ll receive adoption-informed training through 12 weekly online learning modules in addition to 6 live video sessions led by Cam which occur bi-weekly. 

Adoptees can rarely speak unless you invite us in. We’re ready when you are ❤

Cam Lee small, MS, LPCC


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