Adoptees can rarely speak unless you invite us in.

We’re ready when you are.

Adoption has been shaping our lives for decades. Just now, though, communities are beginning to listen and learn from adoptees themselves regarding critical themes and questions that are often dismissed or misunderstood. Whether it’s in your neighborhood, campus group, organization, or church, I love helping folks engage in that dialogue.

WHERE YOU’VE SEEN ME (full schedule here)


Customized Live Events

My live events* empower you and your specific community to think, talk about, and take action on current issues related to adoption, diversity, healing and cultural conciliation.

Further equipping you and your team as you seek to make our world a better place.

*Virtual options are available during COVID-19.

Virtual Book Tour

“What could a de-railed reunion in Korea teach me about grief and healing?”

Join parents and service providers around the nation as I walk participants though the personal search for my mother in Korea; a curriculum based on my recently published book This is Why I Was Adopted.

This is a live, interactive, adoption-informed and adoptee-centered workshop for clinicians, consultants, therapists, counselors, child-welfare workers and family members in the adoption community.

Ask Me Anything

Pop-up Live Q&A Sessions – Coming Soon!

“Great intersectionality. Empowering for clients of color, adoption, parents and kids. GREAT!”

Choose from a variety of themes to enrich your group’s capacity to participate in issues that matter right now, locally and globally.

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