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Too often, the daily grind wears us down and holds us back from providing the best for our families. We were meant for something better, and designed to pursue it together.


TR Cafe is an online community led by Cam Lee Small, MS, LPCC, designed to provide adoptees, parents, family members, and anyone in the adoption constellation a protected time and space to sit together and enjoy a break from the pressures of daily life.

This is a free resource for you and your family.

Please check back soon for our next meeting date/time!


You can ask questions, express thoughts and concerns, offer encouragement to others, or just join in with a listening heart. I’ll provide you with relevant resources and support to help you and your family navigate adoption and this uncertain time of COVID-19.

No matter what, you’re welcomed here.

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Weekly Resources: Sign up for the email list and you’ll become a TR Cafe Member. You’ll receive weekly insights from Cam and his clinical network of colleagues (over 20,000 licensed therapists and counselors), along with his personal reflections as an adult transracial adoptee. These will be delivered through short, bite-sized email messages, one per week.

Live Chat: Cam will host a FREE 60-minute virtual meeting through Zoom. These occur on Fridays, at different times each week to accommodate the variety of schedules and needs that exist in our adoption community. Due to volume, space is limited to 5 participants per week. Individuals can join the live Zoom chat once. Times will be posted here in advance.

How much? This is a free service Cam is gladly offering to our adoption community.

Where do I sign up? Please check back soon for our next meeting date/time!


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This website is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace professional psychological care.

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