Why are We Here?

Helping adoptees, parents, and therapists navigate adoption through Psychology, Theology, & Pop Culture


So, why Therapy Redeemed? Long answer here.

Short answer: I’m focused on using psychology and pop culture to help adoptees, their parents, and their counselors/supporters explore and process emotion, discover identities and belonging, uncover the power of story, and become liberated from constraints and barriers often related to adoption.

Redeem: to buy back, reclaim, to rescue from inadequacy and corruption, to set free from captivity.

Psychology: often restricted by social stigma, vague definitions, hackneyed narratives, our culture’s misconceptions about how it works, and especially confusion about who can provide support for it.

Pop culture: highly circulated, often fluid and sometimes fleeting attitudes, beliefs, enactments, meanings, and values through art, cinema, dance, film, food, literature, music, photography, tech, theater, travel, etc.

Beneath everything, I ask what does it look like to live and counsel from a Gospel-centered lens?

Through which suffering in this universe has a redemptive purpose, where in every circumstance and situation there’s a compassionate Redeemer on the scene who actively provides rescue and refuge, comfort, inspiration, restoration and transformation through Jesus Christ in the midst of inconceivable pain and confusion?

And how does this add to or shape traditional and current models of counseling and talk therapy? And, what does this all look like today in our modern cultural context?

I believe our job as adoptees, parents, counselors, therapist, helpers and servants is to support and sharpen each other as we navigate these questions. Whether it’s in our families, therapy practices, our neighborhoods and classrooms, our labs and boardrooms, or in our churches, you’re invited to actively participate in the work God is doing to redeem therapy and pop culture for His glory and our good.



photo credit: Financial Tribune



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