Dialogue on Colin Kaepernick’s new graphic novel ‘Change the Game’

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Summary: Colin Kaepernick’s graphic memoir ‘Change the Game’ has drawn much criticism from the community. Here I want to celebrate and affirm Kaepernick’s activism related to transracial adoption. And explore the connection between adoption and the way people worship themselves and others; on and off the field; in and out of institutionalized child welfare. *Examples, implications, and applications are provided for adoptees and allies.

*CONTENT NOTE: adoption, trauma, loss, grief, abuse, death

**Also, I am aware there is an ongoing discussion about whether or not transracial adoption is “wrong or right.” The discussion is beyond the scope of this one article but I do take time to address it. For any correspondence regarding this article please feel free to connect with me at therapyredeemed@gmail.com – thank you so much for allowing me to be here in the community with you. It’s truly a gift to be pursuing hope and solidarity together with you all.

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